About Me

Since the age of fourteen, drumming has been my passion. I realised early on that the only way to master the drums was to dedicate myself totally to playing and learning, and I have educated myself to play in as many different genres as possible. I particularly enjoy playing pop, rock, progressive music, jazz and funk.

My experience of playing music began at age six, when I began learning the clarinet (eventually gaining Grade 5).  At secondary school, I studied GCSE and A Level Music as well as achieving Grade 6 (Distinction) in Music Theory and  Grade 8 (Distinction) in Drums. After that, I graduated from Manchester College with a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Music and Music Performance, and the knowledge and experience that I gained over the course has proven invaluable.

With my eclectic approach to drumming, it’s no surprise that the players who have influenced my own style are quite diverse. They include Mike Mangini, Jimmy Sullivan, Tony Royster Jnr, Thomas Lang, John Riley, Matt Halpern, Aaron Spears and Steve Gadd.

My attitude towards the drums has always been that no matter how good he/she is, a player can always get better. With this in mind, I am always striving to expand my versatility and capabilities on my instrument.

I work as a session drummer and as a drum teacher  – if you are interested in either service, please get in touch.